A simple touch of Paradise

What do you call this? Much needed rain in just the nick of time!!!! Rain is 10% brains and 95% usually incorrect forecasting. And the rest is just good luck. On Friday, we received 30mm of rain, the most we’ve had in one day for 16 months. In most parts of Australia, rainfall tends to arrive in downpours from storms. Apart from short storms, Geelong does not have rainy days were a short person can sit inside and read a book (about short gardening).

It is autumn now, and I have a few bulbs coming through under my fruit trees. I have also planted some daffodil bulbs. Hopefully these will come through in spring. I hope to plant a few more hellebores under some of my trees. A short person gardener can never have too many…

Some of my plants are still flowering, and some of my trees are losing their leaves. My ornamental grape vines are normally the first to lose leaves and have already lost most of them. Sweeping under the vines is a never-ending job and almost husband is always making a fuss over the pile of leaves.

I have noticed my fruit trees have become confused with the changing weather patterns and tend to not lose all their leaves until late winter. The fruit trees haven’t started changing colour yet. Last winter, the buds for the new leaves had formed well before all the leaves had been dropped.

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