Gardening blog – A short person’s welcoming

Welcome to the ultimate short person’s blog. I hope all you readers find enjoyment in reading my blogs and hopefully find some helpful information somewhere along the way.

I have a home and garden on a small block (674m2) in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Climatic or growing zone is warm temperate, with an average annual rainfall of 564 mm (may as well be desert).

I hope to include lots of pics and videos, which may be photobombed with my fur babies … the spotted cat who thinks she’s a wild animal and the white fluff ball of a dog with tongue too long for his gob.

One thought on “Gardening blog – A short person’s welcoming

  1. Hello, above all enjoy your gardening and learn from both your successes and failures. I look forward to seeing pictures of your garden. My allotment garden is in Harrow, London where the average rainfall is just a little bit more than yours at around 585 mm. xx


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